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Our dedicated Tenant Representatives do more than just negotiate a good deal. They ensure that the transaction delivers an effective and efficient real estate strategy that is aligned to your business interests. Clients receive a single point of contact who is well versed in corporate real estate strategy, who has a access to the industry’s leading research and forecasting and who is compensated based on client satisfaction rather than the terms of the transaction.

Our process is focused on two common elements, building in flexibility and cost containment for our clients. In terms of flexibility we consider expansion, renewal, contraction, cancellation, sub-letting, pre-commencement rights and understand landlord restrictions to deliver an optimal outcome. In terms of cost savings we look for opportunities throughout the entire process to positively impact our clients’ bottom line.

Our advice takes into account current market conditions, expected future market conditions as well as your business drivers to deliver a real estate solution that will last beyond today.

At SpaceConnect we understand what tenants want and investors need from their real estate. Our diversified business model allows us to mediate better outcomes, facilitate smoother transactions, enable faster negotiations and build lasting relationships between tenants and landlords.

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